The following rules have been implemented to govern the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships.
Only club members of a team participating in a CCCNYC sponsored meet, the AAU district or USATF association meets may advance as a team to the national meet. A team may have up to three members from an adjoining AAU district or USATF association. The top three teams at a CCCNYC sponsored meet, the AAU district or USATF association meets are eligible to compete. Teams may also qualify from their middle school state meet. There is no qualifying process for teams in the 15&16 and 17&18 age groups. Teams will be from the first 40 YES-Athletics clubs to register for the meet in those age groups. All other age groups must qualify as a team to run at the meet.
1. Teams will consist of 5-8 members from the same club in the same age group.
2. The finishing position of an athlete shall be his/her score.
3. The total of the positions of the first five (5) members of each team shall be that team’s score.
4. Displaced runners, those athletes who did not compete on a team, will be deleted from the list of place finishers. The team finishers will then be reassigned finishing places and the score calculated as indicated.
5. Teams with fewer than five (5) finishers shall not be scored as a team.
6. The team whose sixth member finishes first shall be given the higher place in case of a tie.


The top 20 individuals not on a team at a CCCNYC sponsored meet, the AAU district or USATF association meet are eligible to compete. Any individual that finishes in the top 50 at a Nike Team Nationals Regional is eligible to compete as an individual. Individuals may qualify by meeting these qualifying times. Competitors must compete in their age divisions only. No athlete may compete in a younger or older division. Individuals may also qualify from their high school state meet or middle school state meet.
Proof of age is required at registration for the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships and whenever required and/or challenged.
Acceptable forms are:
1. A copy of an original birth certificate;
2. A notarized original birth certificate from the appropriate issuing authority;
3. A US Military Government Identification Card;
4. A valid passport (not expired); and/or
5. A valid US drivers license.


Competitors must wear clothing that is clean, designed and worn so as not to be objectionable. The competitors must not wear clothing that could impede the view of the judges. Athlete’s tops must be of the same color on the front and back. All participating team members must wear jerseys (tops) of the same color in the qualifying process. A team at the national meet may wear shorts of any length but they must be of the same color.

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