Note teams in the age group races are allowed eight per team.  Make sure you include team designations B, C &/or D if you are running more than one team in an age group.

  Registration Process                   

Unattached Registration     Entry deadline is midnight Tuesday November 13.

These instructions are for parents who want to enter an “Unattached” student in a qualifying YES-Athletics meet, or the CC Coaches National Youth Championships meet.

 First, set up an ENDURO USA™ account IN YOUR NAME (as the parent) so you can:

(1) search for and add your student(s) to your unattached (UNA) Main Roster;

(2) process online Parent Authorization (PA) for your student(s);

(3) process a YES-Athletics™ Membership for your student(s); and

(4) enter your student in the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships.

 To find the correct Unattached Roster within your ENDURO USA™ account, log into your account and click on “My Roster List” (in the left navigation panel).


- Then, click on “Rosters for Parents” - - -  

   - then on “Association Events” - - -

     -  then on “Unattached Students”.

        This will take you to the correct Roster within your ENDURO USA™ account so you can search for and add your student(s) to your Unattached (UNA) Roster.

       Local Qualifying Meets:

Each student that enters a local qualifying meet (and the national meet) must be a member of YES-Athletics™ (Youth ENDURO Sports™), unless a membership exception has been granted for the local meet by Youth ENDURO Sports™.  If a local membership  exception has been granted, the organizer/meet director of the local meet may add a Single Day Waiver Fee to the meet entry fee to secure liability insurance for the local (qualifying) meet.  The Single Day Waiver Form MUST be signed by the parent.

Local qualifying meets may, however, require each runner to obtain a YES-Athletics™ Membership before participating so the local meet can obtain liability insurance.

All memberships must be obtained ONLINE through the ENDURO USA™ website. 


Online Entries:  Meet directors for local meets may use any website of their choice to process entries for their local meet/qualifier.  As of this date, local meet directors do not utilize the ENDURO USA website for online entries for local qualifying meets.

NATIONAL MEET:   All participants must be a YES-Athletics member to participate in the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships.  UNA students must enter through the ENDURO USA website.

      If you have questions regarding online entries for local meets, contact the meet director (meet organizer) of the local meet.  If you have questions about your ENDURO USA account, online Parent Authorization (PA), processing a YES-Athletics™ Membership or processing an entry fee for the nation meet for an unattached student, contact Kevin McWatters through the messaging feature within your ENDURO USA account. 

Meet Waiver Form to be signed and turned in at registration

Team Registration

Teams will register by emailing the meet director a Hytek Team Manager file or a EXCEL file and will pay on meet day for all athletes registered. Please contact Frank Miklavcic at  or at (502) 320-2264.     Entry deadline is midnight Tuesday November 13.

If you plan on using Hy-Tek Team Manager, please download the HYTEK Event File for those entering using HYTEK TEAM MANAGER. Next, enter your athletes in their respective events. Then export the entry file and e-mail it to

If you plan on using Microsoft Excel, please list your athletes in the following format: Last Name, First Name, Gender, Team Name, Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy). (Note: typing the correct birthdate will automatically enter in the correct event.)

We are combining the 15-16 & 17-18  girls and boys races into one race for girls and one race for boys  and separating them for the results.  This will make for larger and more competitive races while allowing athletes to still compete against those in their age group. 

Please contact Frank Miklavcic at or at

(502) 320-2264 if you have any questions.      Entry deadline is midnight Tuesday November 13.

Friday, Nov. 16, from 10:00am - 5:30pm at the course
Friday, Nov. 16, from 7:00pm - 8:00 pm at the host hotel
Saturday, Nov. 17, from 7:30am - 2:45pm at the course
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